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PVC Sports Flooring
Polyurethane and PVC flooring synthetic sports flooring is specially produced for sports fields. PVC flooring is one of the practical indoor indoor gym floors which are applied as rolls. All colors are available. Different colors can be applied in the same sports field.

Floor Coating Systems

PU indoor polyurethane sports flooring and PVC sports flooring systems are synthetic floor alternatives especially for indoor sports halls. Such synthetic sports floors can be applied in the desired colors. Basketball, handball, volleyball and similar sports can be done on polyurethane sports flooring and PVC floors.

What is Polyurethane Floor Coating Prices?
The cost of making polyurethane flooring varies according to many factors. The size of the site is the first criterion. The prices are determined according to the PU floor or PVC floor covering properties to be selected later. It is applied as polyurethane floor paint and the cost is calculated according to the square meter unit prices. PVC sports flooring is applied in rolls and pricing is done over square meters. Please call us for the prices of our products:

PVC sports floor coverings are also available in wooden appearance. It is a very affordable solution compared to real sports parquet products. Please visit our contact page to request square meter or project based prices.

All Indoor Gym Floors
Wooden sports parquet flooring systems (professional indoor sports hall floors)

U / Polyurethane indoor and outdoor sports floors (flexible floor in desired colors)

PVC Sports flooring systems (practical and affordable sports flooring solution)

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