Artificial Grass Fence
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Panel Fence
Panel fence systems service including material application produced in industry
What is Panel Fence?
fence is a wire mesh system that provides environmental safety as well as decorative and aesthetic visuals for each space
General characteristics of panel fences are as follows:
– Panel fence height varies between 50 cm and 250 cm.
– Panel fence is made of double wire.
– Plastic clips are used during assembly.
– The number of plastic clips to be used during the assembly process of panel fences is determined according to the height of the fences to be assembled. Less plastic clips are used for the non-high fence, while more clips are used for fences that are too high. For example, a 100cm high panel fence uses 2 plastic clips, while the height of 120cm to 150cm panel fence, 3 pieces, for a panel fence height of 200cm 4 plastic clips are used.
– The color options are entirely at the consumer’s preference and can be produced in any color.

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