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Multi Purpose Field

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Multi-purpose fields are areas where more than one sport branch is played. EPDM is produced with acrylic, parquet or artificial turf content. There are mini football fields, tennis courts and basketball courts. The necessary project for the multi-purpose field construction is prepared completely based on the ground survey and strength.

Multi Purpose Field
What is the construction cost?
You can also request a clear quote on multi-purpose field cost calculation. In order for this to be in the most economic conditions, our team comes to the address first and starts the exploration works. How much it costs and which dimensions would be an ideal choice will be communicated to you. A company with international certification can make you happy.

Get the price of construction of sports grounds and installation of sports floor coverings …

Multi-Purpose Site Construction
Multi-purpose field construction consists of 4 main stages. Starting with the infrastructure works, our construction site continues with iron wire works and finally the sports fields are completed with the installation of the ground.

Multi-purpose sites can be made open and closed. Their infrastructure is custom made according to these two types. In open fields, anchor pipe is used and in closed fields, concrete is laid according to the flanged system.

Iron pipe works are carried out according to the project. Whether the surrounding wire indoor or outdoor field pvc coating 5x5cm can be preferred in the eye range.

Multi-purpose field synthetic floors can be made as 20-26mm artificial grass carpet, acrylic floor or tartan floor. In indoor areas, polyurethane, pvc sports flooring can be used.

Lighting system can be made as halide projector or LED projectors.

In order to integrate wire mesh or network system, direct piling operations are started. Gravel and similar products are applied after the necessary infrastructure for the ground is formed. Placing is done with an accuracy if there is a grass, an effective laying if it is a parquet, and a serious sensitivity if it is an EPDM floor. Thus, multi-purpose field construction works are carried out completely.

Information on Multipurpose Field Sizes, In general, the multipurpose field dimensions where you can play these 3 branches are designed as 18 meters wide and 36 meters long. However, a manufacturing can be made with special dimensions that differ according to the area to be applied.

Our company, which is effective in implementing different projects with a successful process, is also mentioned with its abundant options for multi-purpose field measurements. You can also find answers to your questions by looking at the previous studies.

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