Geçmişten gelen birikimlerimizi yenileyerek, zaman ilerledikce birikimlerimize yeni deneyimlerimizi de ekleyerek büyüyoruz. Hedefimiz, zevklerinize göre doğru olanı yaparak sizlerle birlikte mutlu olabilmek. Sahip olduğumuz misyon; işimizin gerektirdiği etik ilkelere bağlı kalarak ve müşteri memnuniyetini her zaman en üstte tutarak, disiplinli, ciddi ve uzun ömürlü bu yapıyı sürdürmektir.


ÇİT GRASS sunduğu kalite ve estetik anlayışı ile sektöründe öncü bir kuruluştur. En kaliteli ürünü en ekonomik koşullarda sunarak, müşteri memnuniyetini kazanmaktır.


Müşterilerimizin yatırımlarını ve bütçelerini korumalarını sağlamak; sektörlerinde daha rekabetçi olabilmeleri için kendi içlerindeki süreçleri kısaltmak; bu süreçleri doğru yöneterek Çimli Çit ve Yapı sektöründe doğru adımlar atmalarını mümkün kılmak.

  • Kaliteli ve Dayanıklı Ürün
  • Uygun ve Erişilebilir Fiyat
  • Memnuniyet Garantisi
  • Türkiye’nin Her Yerine Satış Hizmeti.


ÇİT GRASS Kaliteli çimli çit ürünleri


Dekoratif Çimli Çit Üürünleri Bakim Gerektirmez


Uygun fiyata temin edebilirsiniz.


Türkiye'nin her yerindeki satış ağımız ile ihtiyacınızı zamanında karşılıyoruz.

ÇİTGRASS – ÇİM – Decorative Grass Systems
ÇİTGRASS grass fence, decorative, durable and robust structure is a type of lawn quite often preferred today. The product, which consists of the combination of grass and fence, is known as decorative grass.

Produced from artificial turf, our ÇİTGRASS grass product creates a different appearance by creating decorative grass partitions in the inner and outer parts of alternative spaces. Produced from special PVC material, fence is applied on stainless wire.

Features of fencegrass grass
If you need to sort as decorative lawn features; Due to its artificial structure, we can define it as a grass system that does not fade, burn, spill and spoil. The most important reasons to choose these features as decorative grass is our own product. Decorative grass can use safely with Fencegrass assurance.

Çitgrass grass Uses;
As a product that can create natural grass perception in individuals, decorative grass coating systems are used in sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, gardens, pool areas, cafeterias and restaurants garden parts, landscaping of sites and villas, road sides, wall and facade coatings. This product, which can be used in many other unimaginable areas, is a decoration element that cannot be avoided by the service sector, especially because they want to make their customers feel the peace created by the green and to be the preferred places of customers who want to experience this peace.

General Features of Fencegrass Grass;
Çitgrass is produced with fringed UV-protected PVC in the form of grass of double-wound wires of 1.5 mm thickness. PVC has a density of 1.5 g / cm³, breaking elongation of 5-8%, impact resistance is between 10 and 30, long-term work 60 centigrade, short-term work 80 centigrade maximum operating temperature offering, the coefficient of friction and moisture is a material that is low. PVC, which has all these features, is used in Çitgrass coating systems as a durable, lightweight, fire resistant, long lasting, economical and environment friendly material. Thus, a product with the features provided by PVC emerges. When it is evaluated as the carbon footprint, the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, it is seen as an environmentally friendly product. This is an issue that needs to be emphasized. Because the carbon emitted into the atmosphere has a negative impact on human health and is one of the main threats to a livable world.

Another feature of the double-winding wires with 4 x 4 cm mesh used in the production of fencegrass turf is that these wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot-dip galvanizing process is carried out by dipping the wire into the molten zinc. In this way, it is aimed to resist corrosion and increase the resistance of metal wire. Çitgrass, whose technical specifications are tried to be summarized, is produced with ISO 9001 quality guarantee certificates. ISO 9001, which is mainly a control mechanism, aims to reduce, eliminate and prevent errors and defects. Thus, the production of products and services of high quality to meet customer needs is provided.

Decorative grass, which is a product group that attracts attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, non-deteriorating, spilling, washable, paint-repellent structure, is applied as panels in areas where there is no supporting element, and it can be applied to wire mesh, wall surface and pole between them as supporting element. While decorative grass is applied to the areas where the supporting element exists, decorative grass covering material produced in rolls of 10 meters is mounted to the supporting element with suitable apparatus. This portable application allows the user to remove decorative lawn coverings at any time. Dekoracim coatings and panels are sometimes used as lawn and sometimes as lawn wall and offer the opportunity to change the perception of life in the places they are applied.

Grass Prices, (Çitgrass Prices)
Grass Prices may vary according to the material and dimensions to be used, please fill in the request form to get current and clear prices, our professional team will return to you as fast as possible.

Çitgrass Details;
Çitgrass is one of the grass species. As it has an element of nature such as grass, it provides an aesthetic appearance to the area it is used. Thanks to this feature, it is used quite frequently especially in landscaping. Although the turf used is artificial turf, it has been the focus of interest in parks, land, land, home gardens or gardens of any institution. The main reason why Çitgrass is so preferred is that it has a very robust and durable structure and appropriate amounts have been determined for Çitgrass prices. With Çitgrass you can create a beautiful appearance both indoors and outdoors. In your garden

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